We cultivate gluten-free foods from the purest oats in the world, in Northern Finland. With decades of tradition, experience and love for oats, the Kinnunen family elevates this arctic treasure into the best, feel-good oat products.

The construction of the oat mill has been launched, with the assembly of the mill beginning in autumn 2018 and production starting in spring 2019. This brand new oat mill will be dedicated exclusively to pure oats.

Why 65 Oats

Our family mill, the northernmost oat mill in the world, is located in Utajärvi, Finland, at 65 degrees parallel north. It is one of the northernmost areas in the world where oats can be grown. Luckily for us this comes with unique advantages. Oats love our harsh winters and intense summers. These special conditions give our oats a look and taste like no other. A larger, paler flake that just tastes different. Better, if you ask us.

An ecological mindset accompanies our every move. We put everything to use; no part of the oat goes to waste. Everything that does not end up on people’s plates will be used as fodder in our fodder mill, and everything that is not used as fodder will be used as a source of energy both at our own plant and for district heating for the residents of our town.


Sub-zero temperatures help repel plant pests and diseases, resulting in reduced need for protective agents.


Lasting up to 22 hours, our midsummer days boost growth and give our oats their unique character.


Oats need plenty of water. We have ample supplies of some of the cleanest water in the world.


An oat mill dedicated to pure oats. We want the best ingredient in the world to remain pure throughout the chain to ensure that naturally gluten-free oats can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Legacy

Our grandfather Armi Kinnunen was in the milling business his whole life. Armi started our family business by buying his own mill in Utajärvi in 1962. We are the third generation keeping the oat tradition alive.

The cultivation of oats is a long-standing tradition in our region. People from Northern Finland know everything about oats and all us Finns have been raised on oatmeal.

Upcoming Products

All of our products are gluten-free and organic versions are also available.

Rolled oat

Instant oat

Jumbo oat

Small oat


Steel cut

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