There are many dairy cattle and reindeer farms in northern Finland. Kinnusen Mylly offers an extensive variety of high-quality feeds for dairy and beef cattle, reindeer, horses and sheep. We also produce certified organic feeds for cattle and sheep.

Tasty feeds to promote wellbeing

Kinnusen Mylly’s wide variety of feed products offers modern farms the most suitable feeding solutions to guarantee the best results. Our feeds are made of the purest high-quality grains grown in northern Finland. Animals love our safe and tasty feeds, which also promote their wellbeing.

We only use GMO-free raw materials.

The best in Finland

According to studies, Kinnusen Mylly’s Tähti feeds have been given top marks for reliability and the competitiveness of their price in Finland.

The dairy cattle feed received the best marks for customer satisfaction in Finland. The result clearly exceeds the average for all companies in the industry. (TNS Gallup, Suomen Gallup Elintarviketieto, Rehuasiakastyytyväisyys 2012, 2014)

A pioneer of organic products

Kinnusen Mylly produced its first batches of mixed feed in 1970, and the company launched the production of organic products in 2005 – one of the first Finnish feedstuff producers to do so.

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