More than half a century has passed since our family’s millstone first turned in northern Finland.

Over those years, our family’s local mill that used to grind a million kilos of grain a year has grown into one that produces a hundred million kilos of products a year. It is one of the northernmost commercial mills in the world and produces flour products and animal feeds.

Made of pure and safe grains

Throughout our history, we have worked closely with farmers in northern Finland. It is thanks to them that we can work with fine, pure and safe grains grown in the North. They are true farming professionals with the skills and strength to work in the demanding Arctic conditions.

Northern uniqueness

Our mill is located in northern Finland, 270 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.

In our family, it has always been clear that we make the most of the unique Arctic character of our home region: its bright and suitably warm summers and its frozen winters when the ground rests.